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Sports Nutrition Redefined

At PURE Sports Nutrition, we're passionate about natural sports nutrition. 

It's important to us that we only manufacture innovative and healthy products, taking what is readily available in nature and backed by sports science.  We care about what goes into our bodies during exercise and the health & wellness of our customers too.

Making a Great Product

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a great product, constantly designing and refining. ‘Good’ products are easy to make but ‘great’ products take much longer. You really need to care about what you're creating and focus on every area of the product, from the best ingredients to the perfect formulation.

“Most sports drinks are way too sweet, hard to drink and are full of fake stuff.  We wanted something natural and clean so we developed the PURE Sports Nutrition range”
– Simon and Marewa Kraak, Founders


What makes a great sports drink?

A great sports drink not only has to perform during exercise but it also has to do the following things:

  • Hydrate you faster than water
  • Replace lost carbohydrates fast
  • Replenish your electrolyte levels
  • Be easy to drink
  • Be gentle on your stomach


The right mix of carbohydrates, both in terms of ingredients and formulation, is especially important for sports performance and athlete comfort.  Carbohydrates are very important in sports drinks as they help replace lost energy during exercise.

Our sports drinks range features a fast absorbing mix of sucrose & glucose carbohydrates to help keep your body rapidly fueled during exercise. 

When formulating PURE Electrolyte Hydration, we wanted to get a fast absorbing carbohydrate mix but one that was also gentle on the stomach. We also wanted to achieve a great taste profile so our drink wasn’t sweet or sickly.

Each carbohydrate mix has benefits and drawbacks so you need to get it right.  Two carbohydrates are better than just one as they absorb through slightly different pathways in your body.  We decided on a mix of sucrose and glucose for the following reasons:

  • It is the most gentle on your stomach out of all the carbohydrate combinations
  • The flavour profile is not super sweet or bland
  • It is one of the fastest absorbing carbohydrate mixes
  • Out of all the carbohydrate combinations it has the best features overall

A fructose based mix (the alternative to sucrose or glucose) would be marginally absorbed faster but we would have ended up with a sweet sickly drink with high stomach upset issues.  By contrast, our choice of sucrose and glucose mix has the best taste, fast uptake and very low stomach upset issues. If you have any stomach issues like IBS or have trouble consuming sports drinks then PURE Sports Nutrition range should be perfect for you.

Premium Electrolytes

The PURE Sports Nutrition range uses (for applicable products) premium electrolytes - mineral salts - of sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium.  Electrolytes are important for the cells in the body to function and allow the body to work. During exercise we lose electrolytes through sweat and muscle use.

Not all ingredients are equal: after looking at every electrolyte type available we decided to use citrate-based electrolytes instead of more commonly used chloride-based electrolytes. They cost up to 100 times more but have many great advantages:

  • Citrates have a much improved taste profile over chlorides
  • Citrates are alkaline so they are gentle on your stomach

Real fruit & whole foods

We believe that flavouring should be kept simple and that’s why we only use real freeze dried fruit to flavour the PURE Electrolyte Hydration and PURE Endurance Hydration range.  We source the freshest fruit powder from New Zealand and Australian manufacturers due to its fresh flavour profiles compared to most overseas powders. 

Across our entire range, we use only the best in class available ingredients sourced locally if possible.  This includes organic Heilala vanilla beans, organic Maretai cacao, Nelson blackcurrants, New Zealand Ben Yen lemons, Trade Aid ceylon cinnamon, New Zealand raspberries ... the list goes on!

By using real fruit powder and premium natural ingredients, we create a natural, fresher tasting sports nutrition range when compared to fake or lab-based 'natural' flavouring additives.

We hope you enjoy the PURE Sports Nutrition range as much as we have loved producing it for you to enjoy!