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Pure Athletes

We're proud to support a number of Australian athletes of all ages, across a wide variety of sports, as they work towards their goals.

Just a selection of PURE sponsored athletes are profiled below.

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Renee Baker

1. Name: Renee Baker 2. Age: 32 3. Home location: Perth 4. Sport: Triathlon 5. Profession and educational background: Bachelor of Science / Nursing 6. Sports participated in: Triathlon 7. Years in current sport: 6 years amateur 2 years professional 8. Social Media: Instagram: @Renee__Baker, Facebook: Renee Baker Professional Athlete, Twitter: @Renee___Baker 9. What are your main events over the next 12-24 months? World Champs 2016 10. What is your biggest accomplishment in your sports? World Champs, 2nd on Korea 70.3 2015 11. What would be your ultimate achievement? Podium at home in busselton 70.3 12. How often do you train? 20-25 hrs per week 13. Why is nutrition important for you to your performance? Being an endurance athlete nutrition is the key to a good race. It is crucial to performance.

Penny Brown

Name: Penny Brown Age: 30 Home location: Melbourne, Aus. Where else can you train for all conditions in just one day….? Sport: Triathlon – Ironman these days Profession and educational background: Teacher Sports participated in: Grew up playing basketball – I was going to be the next Michelle Timms…then I discovered distance running and triathlon. Years in current sport: 9 years What are your main events over the next 12-24 months? Sunshine Coast Marathon, potentially Busselton Ironman! What is your biggest accomplishment in your sports? Reaching the pinnacle of Ironman triathlon in completing Kona, Hawaii. More importantly, arriving to race week having had completed a successful – yet - mentally and physically difficult lead up in training throughout Melbourne winter to reach my physical peak. Despite the thorough preparation, race week can be unforgiving and unpredictable, especially in a foreign country. However, I was content in knowing I had done my best leading up to the race, and whatever happens on race day…happens. It was one of the hottest days on record and I was stoked with my result, finishing in 10hrs 56mins. What would be your ultimate achievement? Doing an Ironman when I’m old and grey. Like…really old. How often do you train? Between 6-10 session p/wk, depending on the race. How do you nutritionally fuel before/during/after events? Before an Ironman; 2x crumpets with jam, banana and yoghurt on top! Hydration is key too, taking in PURE electrolyte hydration two days prior. During a race; a mixture of gels, bars, electrolyte, straight up salt (!) and honey sandwiches. After; proper protein then a cold beer. Why is nutrition important for you to your performance? Ironman distance racing is a grueling event even with the most stringent of nutrition plans. The best advice my coach has given me is to train as you will race. It’s important to stick to your training plan as well as your nutrition plan leading into major endurance events. Don’t give your body any surprises on race day. Keep surprises for Christmas Day. Pure Sports Nutrition What PURE products do you incorporate into your day, training and racing, and when? During long rides I like to keep my PureSport CamelBak bidons filled with pineapple flavoured PURE electrolyte. Post ride smoothies filled with the goodness of whey protein concentrate. Organic Vanilla and Honey is delish! What is your favourite PURE product and why? I have tried many recovery based proteins but genuinely believe the PURE Whey Protein has the ideal mix of protein and carbohydrates for optimal recovery. It doesn’t leave you feeling bloated from too many CHO and tastes brilliant. Instagram:@pb_brown Twitter: @PennyBBrown

Katarina Osadchuk

Katarina Osadchuk is 23 years old and currently a member of the Australian Women’s Volleyroos. Before she got into her main sport of volleyball she was a swimmer and water polo player. She was a national finalist in swimming and state champion in water polo. However it was volleyball she pursued as a career. Her list of achievemnts in volleyball is extensive. Domestically she has been national champion several times (both junior and senior years). She was on the national junior and youth team since 2007, and became a member of the Women’s indoor Volleyroos in 2011. Since then she has travelled all around the world playing for Australia in Asian Championships, numerous VTV Cups, World Grand Prix qualifiers and eventually World Grand Prix (2014 and 2015). In addition to this she has played college in Canada where she was a statistical leader in Canada West and CIS. Currently she is playing professional volleyball overseas. In 2013 she played in Sweden. And last year she was crowned Polish Champion in 1st League Women’s indoor Volleyball. And is going back to Poland to hopefully repeat the result for the second year running

Morgan Riemer

My name is Morgan Riemer and I’m 19 years old. I am from Bundaberg and relocated to the Gold Coast in 2014 to further my rowing career. I began rowing in my final year of school in 2014, and since have grown to love the sport, making the switch from an athletics background at National Level. 2016 brought a lot of success, coming away with a Gold medal at QLD States Champs, NSW State Champs, and a Silver medal at Nationals Champs in the Womens U21 Single Scull. In April I accheived one of my goals to receive an invite to the 2016 AUS team selection trials. I was then successful in gaining selection in the U21 Australian Team to compete in the second part of the Trans-Tasman Series in New Zealand, where Australia claimed victory, and claiming back the Rusty Robertson Trophy.

Anna Jefferies

I am based in Brisbane and represent Australia in ITU triathlon (short-course). I have been training in triathlon for five years and have been pro since 2013. Last year I completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and it was an easy decision to put further study on hold to be a full time athlete to follow my passion and achieve some big goals. This year I have a busy race schedule with elite Australian races, then overseas for the European season before coming back for U23/Elite Duathlon World Champs. I love that PURE come back to basics using natural ingredients that are free from dairy, gluten, fructose and other unnecessary additives... and taste great! I believe that optimal hydration and nutrition plays a very important part in performance and recovery. PURE is perfect for me as I have significant sensitivities and follow a strict diet.

Lisa Hohn

My name is Lisa Hohn and I have been playing, and enjoying, Netball since I was eight years old. My love of the sport has grown over the years from playing the game, to coaching and managing teams. I play both outdoor netball (like the one you most often see on the TV) and indoor netball (which has nets surrounding the court). In the past two years, my netball achievements have been my best yet including being named as a shadow player for the Queensland mixed indoor team in 2013 and then being named in both the Queensland indoor and outdoor, mixed teams in 2014 and again this year. My game has progressed since playing at a competitive level throughout my high school years through to the year I turned 21 and made my first Queensland indoor team and was later named as a shadow player for the Australian side. I truly believe that with age and experience, I know more about the sport and more about myself as a player. I have become my most dedicated to achieving my goals as a player and playing to the best of my ability. I feel that I am presently at my strongest, both mentally and physically, and this year I am hoping for great things in my netball career. Keep watching this space :)

Kelly Drenth

My name is Kelly Drenth, I am 19 years old and a current member of the Under 21 Australian Rowing Team based in Brisbane, Queensland. I have been rowing since the age of 13 however only recently has my career in rowing kicked off after winning silver in the women's pair at the Australian National Championships in March 2016, leading to receiving an invitation for selection trials in April. From trials I was then selected with my teammate on the Under 21 Australian Rowing Team which has become an exciting journey to train at this higher level and compete in the Trans-Tasman Regatta against New Zealand. It is a two leg competition, the first being in Sydney where I placed 3rd in the women's pair, and 1st in both the women's four and eight. The team and I will then head to New Zealand 2 months later in September to compete again where we will hopefully maintain our winning position. This is only the beginning to achieve my dream of making it to the world rowing stage.

Emma Quinn

My name is Emma, I am 28 and live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I am a qualified Cardiac Scientist as well as a coach with T Zero Multisport. I have been involved with the sport of triathlon for 8 years now. From 2009-2013 I was fortunate enough to race around the world representing Australia at 5 ITU World Championships as an age group athlete. This was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for the places this sport has taken me. In 2013 I stepped up to the 70.3 distance and have completed Busselton and was lucky enough to win the Inaugural Challenge Gold Coast in 2014. Eight months ago we welcomed into the world our first little one and I am now in the process of (attempting to) return to top level age group racing. Two weeks ago I won my age group at Mooloolaba Triathlon and I am so thrilled and excited to be on board the Pure Sport Hydration team and I look forward to having the support of such wonderful Nutritional products as I head back into 70.3 racing.

Drikus Conradie

Jessica Moulds

Emma Gilmour

I am currently regarded as the Worlds fastest female rally driver. Currently I am competing in the NZ Rally Championship with my Vantage Windows and Doors Suzuki Swift. I have finished overall runner up in the NZ series three times so I think its about time that we took out the top step of the podium! Through my racing career I have been lucky to rally all over the world. In 2009 we finished 2nd in the Asia Pacific Series and in 2014 I was a factory driver in the Red Bull Global Rally Cross series in America. More recently I have become aware of the stressful challenge of running my own business alongside my racing and the toll it was taking on my body. Using Pure products helps my body to recover and perform at its best whether I’m racing around the roads, training, travelling or working. I love it. :-) photo credit: Trev Hill

Hannah Osborne

Jaimee Leader

My name is Jaimee Leader and I am an NZ U19 Triathlete currently based in Palmerston North. I have been competing since a young age, firstly as a competitive swimmer and then as a Triathlete. I have enjoyed representing my School, home town Manawatu and NZ regularly throughout race the season each year. I was really pleased to win my 6th NZ Schools Triathlon title this year and also enjoyed an exciting summer season of Elite racing around NZ with pleasing results. The highlight of 2013 was definitely representing NZ at the Elite U19 World Triathlon Champs in London, it was a wonderful experience for me where I gained valuable race knowledge. I am looking forward to representing NZ again at the World Championships this year. I have recently been selected to compete in the Elite U19 World Triathlon Champs and also the Elite Junior World Aquathlon Champs which is being held in Edmonton, Canada in August. It is wonderful to keep learning from these opportunities and gain the experience from ITU races that will help prepare me as I progress towards U23 racing and Olympic distance. I am 100% committed to achieving my goals and I am aiming to continue to represent NZ the best that I can. I am coached and mentored by Olympic Triathlete Samantha Warriner (SWEAT7 Coaching) who has been a credit to my success so far as a triathlete. In my spare time, when I am not training I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, shopping and eating sushi ! :) I am really excited to be on board with the Pure brand as I have previously struggled to find a nutrition drink supplement that gives me the hydration I need during training and racing. You can follow me on Twitter: @JaimeeLeader , Email me: or check out my new Blog Page :

Kate Fluker

Cory Bennett

I have been playing hockey for around 18 years now. Ive always represented North Harbour and intend to do so until my career is over. I have recently completed my 6th season playing in the National Hockey League and I have been a member of the New Zealand Hockey team for over 3 years now. I have played over 30 games scoring 9 goals as a defender and a drag flicker. My goals are not necessarily events but rather the goal that when I finish hockey I have no regrets and I reach the best possible version of myself in sport and in life. In doing this I believe the rest will follow.

Olivia Loe

Sacha Earnest

Not many people can say that they get to celebrate their 10th birthday by winning a 3rd World Championship title. That's exactly what Sacha Earnest did on 25th May at the UCI 2016 BMX World Championships held in Medellin, Colombia. Sacha rode her way to victory in the 10 year girls category, having won her first World title in 2013 in Auckland & backing it up winning again in 2014 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Last year at Zolder, Belgium she came 2nd in the 9 year girls final. After a bit of a break from BMX, (Sacha also rides mountain bikes & swims) Sacha was determined to get back on top of the podium. She had a 6 week focused training programme leading up to this year's BMX World Championships which worked perfectly as Sacha out-skilled the rest of her competitors to dominate every race including the final. The conditions in Colombia were testing at times as it was hot, humid & at altitude & the track was built next to an airport so races had to be stopped for low flying planes. Sacha competed against riders from all over the world including Colombia, Bolivia, Australia, Great Britain, France, Latvia, Ecuador & Belgium. Sacha is also a Kidsworx MTB gold medallist at CRANKWORX Rotorua 2015 & 2016 and 2014 AMP National Scholarship recipient.

Sam Shergold

Eliza Grigg

Jake Earnest

Hi, my name is Jake Earnest. I am 11 years old and I've been racing BMX since I was 4 years of age. One of my greatest achievements so far was when I represented New Zealand at the 2013 BMX World Championships and finished 5th in the final in the 8 year old boys category. Then, I went on to compete at three more BMX World Championships with the latest one this year, held in Medellin, Colombia, where I finished in the top 16. For this 2016 season, for my age, I have ranked 2nd in the BMX Oceania Championships, 3rd in the BMXNZ National Championships & 3rd in the 10-12 boys downhill event at CRANKWORX Rotorua . My goals for next season are to keep racing my BMX and MTB as fast as I can at a regional, national and international level.